I am waiting for the Doctor.

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love sangster’s look of horror in the second to last gif—that moment when you suddenly realize what you did last night (x)

btw i would pay a massive amount to see this pillow fight

Dylan O’Brien at the Teen Vogue Photo shoot Behind The Scenes (x)

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"The first time we worked together, I came home and I said [to my wife], ‘Whoa, this kid who’s playing my son… he’s got it. He is something special. It’s this kid named Dylan… so talented.’ I could teach someone to have craft, but you can’t teach talent and it’s amazing and it’s such a pleasure to work with him.” - Linden Ashby

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I see tons of movies and, being an obsessive, have a Word doc of every movie I’ve seen in the theatre since 1990 and who I saw it with. The last one was the Keira Knightly / Mark Ruffalo thing called Begin Again. Before that, Obvious Child, which I loved, and, before that, 22 Jump Street at the drive-in theatre. Due to having my nerdtastic list, I can also tell you the first movie I saw in, say, 1994. (It was Demolition Man.) (According to my document, I saw it with “Ali, Jeff, Dan, Derek, and Mike H.” I have no idea who Mike H. is.)

—Stephen Falk, ‘OITNB’ writer, creator of ‘You’re the Worst’ | Uproxx (via popculturebrain)